Osha Hoisting And Rigging Safety Reflection

[lifting equipment]

Once fluid is running, release the internal mechanism and refill the reservoir if needed. Using the push rod, stroke the clutch master cylinder 1-20 times or until firm resistance is felt. NOTE: Be sure to use only short and steady strokes. Once firm, replenish reservoir fluid with DOT 3 to about 12 mm (.47 of an inch) from the top of the reservoir. Replace diaphragm and cap OSHA lifting equipment safety on the reservoir. Using the push rod, recheck the clutch master for firmness. If it is not firm, repeat the process. If it is firm, install the hoses that connect the slave to the clutch master. Once the hose is installed on the clutch master, take the opposite end of the hose the end that connects to the slave and locate the check ball in that end of the hose. Straighten a paper clip; lodge the ball back into the hose to open the value. Take that end of the hose and completely submerge it into a clean container of DOT 3 fluid.

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